Hot Skinny Tea 14 Day Detox

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Our 14 Day Detox Tea is the perfect way to kick-start your new health regime!  Our unique blend of organic ingredients brings you all the nutrients you need for increased vitality. Customers have reported experiencing rapid weight loss, decreased bloating, increased metabolism, and a significant increase in energy levels.  The key to your health and wellness starts right here!   

The detox is so simple. Just infuse one teaspoon of our blend in hot water for 2-3 minutes, twice daily, for 14 days. You’ll begin to notice results almost immediately. 

Our smooth mix includes senna leaf, sencha green tea, lemon grass, garcinia cambogia extract, pu-erh leaf, lotus leaf, fennel, and stevia.  This combination has been tested and refined to achieve spectacular results for our customers.  All it takes is a tasty cup of detox tea to optimize your body’s true potential. 

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