Health Disclaimer


- Hot Skinny Tea is not a meal substitute and should not be consumed for longer than 28 days at a time. Should you wish to purchase 42 days worth of Hot Skinny Tea, it is recommended that you complete the 28 day program, take a 14-28 day break and then continue.

The Hot Skinny Tea Diet and Exercise Program can, however, be completed continuously and as often as you like. In fact they provide most value when applied long term.

- Please ensure that you drink plenty of water when on the program. In fact, drink at least 10 cups per day. Hot Skinny Tea contains Senna which is a natural laxative so it is important to stay as hydrated as possible throughout the day. We also recommend drinking electrolytes if possible, or coconut water which is a great natural hydrator.

- If you are taking the contraceptive pill, please note that Hot Skinny Tea may render the contraceptive pill ineffective if taken within 4 hours of your morning or evening cleanse. Please leave a clear window of 4 hours from drinking the tea, and contact your healthcare practitioner immediately if you are feeling unwell.

- It is strongly recommended you have convenient access to a lavatory when drinking the tea, at least until you have a good understanding of how your body reacts to Hot Skinny Tea.

- If you are on any medications or have any medical condition, please discuss with your doctor or healthcare practitioner before commencing your Hot Skinny Tea detox.

- If you have any adverse reaction to the tea at all, immediately stop using Hot Skinny Tea and see your healthcare practitioner. If cramping or severe diarrhea occur, please stop using the tea and see your healthcare practitioner.

- Prolonged use of Hot Skinny Tea may cause serious bowel problems.

- Do not use Hot Skinny Tea if you are:

  • Pregnant
  • Breastfeeding
  • Under 18 years of age
  • Suffering from a serious medical condition.