About Us

Ella Lee, Founder

Ella Lee is the 34-year-old entrepreneur and brains behind Hot Skinny Tea. Born and raised on the northern beaches of Sydney, Australia, Ella studied nutrition and dieting for years, before becoming a personal trainer. It was then that she would regularly hold her famous early morning boot camp at Manly beach for which she became well known for, particularly her grueling burpee sessions and 1km swims.

Constantly searching for healthy and simple solutions to assist clients with weight loss, Ella started to develop a deep interest in tea, and particularly the amazing properties that certain blends and combinations can assist with flushing away toxins and breaking down stubborn fat.

However, with her background in nutrition, and a passion for healthy living, she was not impressed by some of the ingredients that were being sold to some of her clients. “There seemed to be a whole bunch of weight loss teas out there on the market, but when I started to look closely at the ingredients, I couldn’t believe what they were encouraging people to put into their bodies.

Inspired to create something wholly natural and organic, Ella got to work immediately and teamed up with some marketing gurus, and from there, Hot Skinny Tea was born. "I'm so proud that every day I get to wake up and help people transform their lives in a healthy, meaningful way. We have a beautiful team, and we are all extremely passionate about creating balanced, healthy lifestyles that encourage positive body images and overall happiness for all our clients."

Ella now lives in Bondi, and her hobbies include surfing, travel and taking care of her 4 year old spoodle, 'Napier'.




*Ella Lee is a pen name for the author of the Hot Skinny Tea Detox book and blend creator.